Code of Ethics

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  • We will render you our services in a professional manner.
  • We will treat you with courtesy at all times.
  • We will promptly repair your equipment to manufacturer’s specifications, observing all precautions for your protection.
  • We will protect your property at all times with proper and diligent care.
  • We will provide you with, and fully honor, a concisely and clearly stated warranty or guarantee on all work performed and parts used.
  • We will honestly clarify all charges and/or other conditions pertaining to our transaction with you.
  • We will treat servicing problems brought to us by you as though they were our own.
  • We will endeavor to conduct ourselves in matters affecting community interests in such manner as to improve the community we both live in.
  • We will constantly strive to improve our technical skill and to keep abreast of changes in equipment and servicing techniques in order to serve you better.
  • We will comply with all national, state and local laws and PROS rules and regulations pertaining to our services.
  • Only by our firm adherence to this pledge shall we expect to merit your confidence and support.

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