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The hottest (latest) business information and service industry trends!!! Know it now!!!

Receive the latest news that is important to the profitability to your service business and opportunities to update and adjust your business strategies. Available online for viewing and downloading, catch the news that is relavent to your service business.

Discover the newest innovations and the latest technical and business solutions to improve the value of your services, increase profits and have the competitive advantage.

The PSOC maintains a comprehensive web site for access by members, non-members and the general public. The members only area, protected by user ID and password, contains helpful information to manage the day-to-day operations of a service business. Non-members and the general public have access to information about the association and topics such as consumer troubleshooting tips. Member servicers are also listed in the “ Find a PRO” section so consumers have easy access to search for member information to obtain product repair and installation services. The web site is listed on all the major search engines using a multitude of key words and linked to other domain names all relative to product service.

This website has it all! It provides the PSOC member with the most comprehensive information about the industry and about running your business. Here you will find the breadth and depth of information to meet all your needs. You can search for information, link to other resources, and yes, even find customers!

Annual State Convention

The annual state convention where you have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and the PSOC members to share the latest information and updates about new technologies and business management solutions. This convention allows PSOC members to attend business and technical seminars provided by service industry professionals. The seminars help participants to identify methods and tools to improve business processes and profitability to maintain a competitive business advantage.

Insurance Program

OC members may elect to participate in a preferred rate insurance program offered by Rubin Insurance including:

Group Medical

Group Life

General Liability

Property & Casualty

Workers Compensation

Deeply discounted rates can be obtained by contacting Bernie Sharpe at 800-782-4620, Ext. 204. Call for a rate quote today!

Member Discounts

PSOC members receive various discounts from the following parts and test equipment distributors:

Andrews Electronics – 10% off select service parts
Coast Appliance Parts – 10% off first order of $ 1500.00
PTS Electronics – 10% off any item
Reliable Parts – 10% off first order of $ 1500.00
Sencore – $ 250.00 discount off select test equipment – 10% off any order. Use coupon PSOCA2009
Subject to current membership verification.
For information on how to be included in the list above, CLICK HERE.

PSOC Credit Card Program

The PSOC is partnered with CardService International to offer members with the best rates and services. CardService International, accessible 24X7, is a one-stop shop for credit debit card processing, TeleCheckâ check guarantee service, Internet processing, deeply discounted wireless terminals and software and web-based reporting. Banking services are available online, 24X7, at

Interested members should contact the PSOC representatives at 888-896-0888.

Legislation Watchfulness

The PSOC keeps a watchful eye on legislative activities both in the State of California and nationally. Routine contact is made with government officials and the State’s Bureau of Electronics Repair (“BEAR”) located in Sacramento, California to ensure members are informed, in advance, of proposed laws or rules that may affect their businesses. The PSOC Board of Directors also maintain communications with the government to assure they understand the members’ views and opinions.

Manufacturer and Industry Relations

The PSOC proactively maintains an open dialogue with all manufacturers in the appliance and electronics industries to improve the relation between service dealer members, the manufacturers and their mutual customers.

Coming Soon

The PSOC marketing and training committees are actively pursuing the following programs:

  • · Statewide technical and service management training
  • · PSOCANet, an online forum for members
  • · TechNet, on line access to comprehensive technical and service tips for hundreds of products

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