PSOC Gets A New Look!

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Apart from the new colors and the new layout, the PSOC website contains other changes.  Have you ever attended a PSOC event?  Do you wonder what goes on at our events?  Are you aware of changing industry situations that affect your business?  Do you have opinions that you believe are relevant to yours or other similar businesses?

The purpose of our new look is to gather information and opinion in one place.  You will find photos from past conventions.  (We invite you to share your pictures, too!)  Opinion?  We invite your opinion and ideas on post topics related to industry matters.  You can add them in our discussion area.  Have an idea or opinion that does not appear in our discussion area?  Is it relevant to our members?  Why not create a new discussion!  With our new look, you can!  Have an idea? Feel free to offer your suggestions.

Our new look is for you!  An organization’s strength comes from member support.  PSOC’s strength is in your support.  Why not take a look around? We need your thoughts, ideas, and most of all, your support!


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