Presidents Membership Letter

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We are less than one month away from closing another tough year in business. PSOC is an organization with members consisting of repair professionals from the appliance and electronic industry.  Our members come from manufacturing, contract companies, administrators, parts distributors, vocational schools and repair professionals.

I know most of us have been busy and probably forgot or put aside the invoice for the dues. Please take a minute of your valuable time and send in your dues. PSOC only has you, the member, to depend on and this year has been tough.

Don’t allow your voice to go silent and I promise PSOC will always protect your interest!

We all share one common denominator and that is the consumer. Every single one of us share a responsibility to providing that customer the best service experience possible from the day the product is sold to the day it needs repair.  Now more than ever we must all partner together for our very survival. As the industries get realigned the need to understand each other becomes more important to
provide us a healthy prosperous business.

PSOC has been a vehicle for all of us since 1955. PSOC is where we all come to network, train, eat and have a little fun. PSOC is the venue where our skills are sharpened with technical and business seminars. PSOC is where we come every May to discuss issues of concern and have an opportunity to agree or disagree.

Speaking about a 1955 vehicle that has never broken down on us through thick and thin, the PSOC website is getting a new motor with the latest gadgets. We will be introducing the product by the end of this year. We want your immediate input as we want it to provide you a smooth ride.

For you member sponsors please expect a call from me within the week. May 2012 is approaching fast!

I want to take this opportunity to thank Charlene, Tim, Sam, Sam Jr., and Mattie for their hard work and leadership. With the exception of Charlene the board of directors is a volunteer group of dedicated repair professionals and without them, and you, there would be no PSOC.

May you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Eloy Fierro, President

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