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PSOC is an organization of repair professionals for the appliance and electronics industry. PSOC has been a strong voice for independents since 1955. Our mission is to help our member obtain all the necessary tools to enable them to provide their customer a great service experience while making a reasonable profit.

At our annual convention we have programs in place for government education, manufacturer relations, as well as business and technical training. We pioneered quite a few of technical tests including criteria for a professional repair center.

The association benefit I value the most has been networking with not only other repair professionals, but with manufacture reps, parts distributors, and servicer contract companies I have met throughout the years. These people who are involved with the organization are making a difference with their involvement and with their dues. Without them PSOC would be silenced forever and would in fact cease to exist. To prevent that, we must work together and cooperate with each other for the betterment of our industry and the protection of the lifeline of our very existence, that being the consumer.

PSOC has taken on every challenge to protect the well being of the industry and the consumer including going to the Supreme Court to fight for repair parts. We helped create changes in the contract industry which ultimately removed unscrupulous practicing companies. All too often today the contract company’s actions are hurting the service industry. These company’s need to stop pulling labor rates out of the sky and start negotiating based on the CODB plus a reasonable profit. They claim to use an “average” cost for repairs when they should be using the COD average versus their take it or leave it mentality.

I mention a few of these Association accomplishments because plain and simple we are in jeopardy of losing our voice. Our Association is not exempt from the same failing economy we all face. PSOC depends on dues and proceeds from our convention to cover our operating costs. Dues invoicing will be going out soon and without your membership we will not be able to continue. If you value this association, what it stands for, and what we can do together please don’t let it go by the wayside. “We need your help.”

This past year has been a challenge not only for the repair professional, but the manufacturer that still cares for the customer, and the parts distributors that feel the pinch as well.

Today we face a greater challenge than before. There are far too many offshore manufacturers and service contract companies that have forgotten about customer service. They manufacture, sell a contract and try to provide service with little to no parts (or expect us to use used parts), and in many cases parts are defective, no longer available, or we experience lengthy backorders. The very customer they spend millions to attract suffers their failures.

America is no longer a manufacturing country accept for a few still building product here. But it’s up to us to see that we are still a country of repair professionals. Just because manufacturing has eroded that does not mean service should erode as well. All manufactures should embrace the concept of Panasonic and Subzero; “Take care of the customer at all cost”. These two companies have empowered their repair professional partners (ASC’s) to provide the best service experience to the customer when needed. They consider their ASC’s an asset not a liability or a necessary evil. They provide the ASC’s with every tool necessary to make their customer happy. This dedication will certainly lead to loyal “brand conscious” customers.

We repair professionals seem to be first in line for their cost cutting measures. They cut our rates, our training, etc, etc, etc. It appears when these decisions are made we are not part of the calculation. I want to remind all of you that we are the point of contact for the customer. After all don’t we advise our customer’s when a product is not worth repairing, don’t we recommend brands, places to purchase, and aren’t we often asked if extended warranties are worth the money? We have a large influence over market share.

It is time for every sector of the industry to come together and figure out what direction would be the most effective one to provide the consumer the best service possible while allowing all of us to make a profit. The consumer should not suffer.

To the repair professional PSOC is providing an avenue for you to voice your concerns.“If you don’t like what is happening to our industry, you are most welcomed to join with us at our next town hall meeting and share in the discussion.” Together we can make a difference.

We are conducting town hall meetings throughout California. Our first meeting was held in Fresno. The main concerns were 1) parts 2) Compensation 3) Background checks and 4) Professional image. We are convinced that these concerns will be similarly voiced in subsequent meetings. After our final meeting we will share the information with everyone.

Eloy Fierro
PSOC President

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