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January, 2012
Volume 65



While waiting for midnight to ring in the New Year I couldn’t help but look back at 2011, which has proven to be a very tough year for myself, my fellow servicers, and our industry partners. Many of us rode one of the wildest roller coaster rides recorded in recent history.


Huge brand once household names are mere shells of what they used to be. They are almost as extinct as some of the American names like Zenith and RCA. In the not so distant past these companies always took care of their customer by providing a great service experience either through their ASC’s or their Factory Service. All of them made sure that any parts needed were made available, that training was provided and that the service literatures were made available. Through these actions they developed customer satisfaction which resulted in brand name loyalty.


Today off-brand manufacturers treat the American consumer market as a dumping ground for their, in every way, inferior product. Consumers are lied to that their purchases are a “great deal” but they are not told for whom. Customers are oblivious to the fact that the new low prices are directly proportional to the “quality” they are buying.

The only goal these manufacturers which flooded our market, had was to secure a lion share giving no thought of the problems they are creating for the consumer, or the servicer, not to mention the environment by creating tremendous amount of hazardous waste. 

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Mark your calendars now.  Join us for our 57th annual convention.  The date is May 2, through May 6th. It will be held at the beautiful San Pedro Doubltree once again.  Details and registration will be posted on the web site soon!  You won’t want to miss this one.



Charlene Moreno
Professional Servicers Organization of California

We hope the New Year brings you all more business and great happiness! 

If you are interested in serving on our board please let us know.  We have advisory positions available and would welcome the opportunity to speak to you!
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PresidentsTown Hall Meeting
 PSOC would like to thank the repair professionals for participating in the recently conducted town hall meetings which were held in Fresno, Garden Grove, San Diego and Sacramento this past September through October.  A special thanks goes out to our sponsors, W.L. May, Andrews and Coast Appliance parts.  Despite the economy they came through for us and helped make it possible.
As you know the Professional Servicers Organization of California (PSOC) conducted these meetings because both major appliance and electronic service facilities face serious issues that have a direct impact on our existence.  These issues were identified thanks to the open sharing of servicers concerns.
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