Mitsubishi provides free tech support to PSOC members

Posted on September 12, 2012 by PSOC support 1 Comment

Mitsubishi is proud to announce that we have eliminated our $125 fee for 3diamonds account creation.

Members of the  PROFESSIONAL SERVICE ORGANIZATION OF CALIFORNIA that currently do not have Mitsubishi accounts are welcome to sign up for free.  

3diamonds account will give you access to troubleshooting information, service manuals, technical tips, training materials, Tech Files (training videos), and parts ordering by credit card.

Parts ordering, availability, shipment tracking and invoicing are all included with this account. At no charge.

Access for parts ordering and technical document downloads

(Info about this….) 

Link to the Form: Mitsubishi provides free tech support to PSOC members

One comment

  • avatar picture perfect tv repair says:

    this is picture perfect fv repair could you help me to get a free teck account with mitsubishi teck help thank you call me at 702-644-1456

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