Mike Snead from Mitsubishi Awarded Prestigious Service Cup

Posted on September 23, 2013 by PSOC support


Mike Snead from Mitsubishi awarded prestigious Service Cup

Mike Snead from Mitsubishi awarded prestigious Service Cup

M.L. Finneburgh Sr. was an industrialist and owner of the Finney Company, which produced the Finco brand of antennas. He championed independent servicers and their trade associations and was active from the 1950s until his death in 1994.

 He was a staunch supporter of the national and state

 associations. He and his wife, Freida, or ‘Babe,” as she was affectionately known, attended all national and many of the state association conventions.

 He produced the Finco Medallion which he later created the prestigious service cup . The medallion was noted for its inscription of one of M.L.s frequent admonitions: “The Future Belongs to Those Who Prepare for It.” On the other side of the medallion was an equally pertinent admonition. There was an engraving of an eagle holding a banner that read on one end, “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom,” “My Rights,” and on the other end, “My Responsibilities.”

 Morris proudly presented the Service Cup to those association leaders whom he felt best personified his criteria of leadership, those who fought for the rights of independent servicers while simultaneously accepting the responsibilities that accompany those rights. He freely distributed it to those he felt worthy of recognition. One of the last Service Cups awarded here in California went to a group of individuals who helped craft revisions to our by-laws allowing our great association to move forward. Morris himself was at our 1992 convention in Sacramento and presented the cup. 

Morris shipped our association  a few of these cups to distribute to those rare individuals who best exemplify his criteria of maintaining eternal vigilance, protecting the rights of others, and accepting the responsibilities of whatever position one assumes. 

The Service Cup has been awarded to Independent Service Professionals by design. We also have champions in Manufacturing, Distributors and Administrators. Now more than ever we need to rejuvenate an appliance and electronics industry that is morphing into one by recognizing those individuals. 

The President of PSOC gets to award the Service Cup to a deserving individual. This year after a wonderful conversation with Morris Jr. in Ohio we agreed that the Service Cup can reach beyond the Independent Service Professional. The Service Cup, with his blessing, should be presented to that person or persons from any area of our industries that champion the rights and responsibilities of the service professional to provide the best possible service to the consuming public. 

At our 58th annual convention Mike Snead from Mitsubishi was awarded the Service Cup. Morris Jr. agreed Mike was an excellent recipient.  The last couple of years Mitsubishi experienced some dark hours having to restructure since exiting the manufacturing of consumer televisions. A very unprofitable situation for Mitsubishi, however the support continues for the independent service professionals who receive training on their professional products. They will continue to honor their commitment to the consumer by continuing to provide parts up to 7 years from the date of purchase on the consumer products. Most manufactures today don’t even provide parts on new product. Mike is an asset to Mitsubishi and friend to the independent service professional. Mitsubishi has always provided sponsorship, training and door prizes at our conventions. This year we went thru a dark hour after some of the electronic sponsors that had already committed left the association hanging. Mike and Mitsubishi stepped it up and helped. 

Michael Snead is the Director of Product Service for Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America in Irvine, California.  He is responsible for service of Mitsubishi’s consumer and professional products in North, Central and South America.  Michael has over 36 years’ experience in the electronics service industry including 21 years with Mitsubishi, 6 years with Hitachi, and began his career as a technician in his family owned Independent Service Center.  His current Service Division responsibilities include Consumer Relations, Service Parts, Warranty, Technical Services, Product Quality Improvement, and Remanufacturing of Products and Parts.

Those of us that are ASC’s or service the product would benefit from supporting and helping a company like Mitsubishi succeed. Mitsubishi is one of the few companies left that still care and support their customer and if they care for their customer they care for the Independent Service Professional. 

Going forward a committee will compile a list of industry individuals that fit the criteria. The next Champion or Champions will be awarded the Service Cup at our 59th annual convention. Help us bring the fun and professionalism back into the industry. Get Involved!