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Want More Customers? Charge More!

Posted on 10/14/13 by Eloy No Comments

   Want More Customers? Charge More BY Eric V. Holtzclaw Don’t fall into the discount trap. Sometimes charging a premium creates the most loyalty. When I work with companies to create marketing campaigns or develop promotions for their products or services, the tendency is to consider ideas that tap into customers’ desire “to save money.” […]

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How the Affordable care Act will Impact individual Premium Rates In 2014

Posted on 10/13/13 by PSOC support

How the Affordable Care Act will Impact Individual Premium Rates in 2014 In March 2013, major insurers began publicly warning individuals who purchase their own health insurance plans: Prepare for major premium increases when the  Affordable Care Act’s key provisions take effect next year. Aetna’s CEO called the price hikes “premium rate shock” in an […]

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Mike Snead from Mitsubishi Awarded Prestigious Service Cup

Posted on 09/23/13 by PSOC support

  M.L. Finneburgh Sr. was an industrialist and owner of the Finney Company, which produced the Finco brand of antennas. He championed independent servicers and their trade associations and was active from the 1950s until his death in 1994.  He was a staunch supporter of the national and state  associations. He and his wife, Freida, […]

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Manufactures and Extended Warranty Companies

Posted on 09/07/13 by PSOC support 2 Comments

Manufactures and Extended Warranties, A Backwards Program I will state  that I currently do not hold a board position on Professional Servicers of California Association and that the opinions here are my own. Manufactures In the past there was a Partnership between the Servicers Associations  and the Manufacture and Extended Warranty Companies. If one still […]

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Field Representative Position Open Appliance and Electronics

Posted on 09/12/12 by Eloy No Comments

  FINAL FILE DATE October 8, 2012. State Applications (Form STD. 678) must be POSTMARKED no later than the final filing date. Applications postmarked, personally delivered, or received via interagency mail after the final filing date will not be accepted for any reason. Applications must have an original signature; therefore, faxed applications will not be […]

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Mitsubishi provides free tech support to PSOC members

Posted on 09/12/12 by PSOC support 1 Comment

Mitsubishi is proud to announce that we have eliminated our $125 fee for 3diamonds account creation. Members of the  PROFESSIONAL SERVICE ORGANIZATION OF CALIFORNIA that currently do not have Mitsubishi accounts are welcome to sign up for free.   3diamonds account will give you access to troubleshooting information, service manuals, technical tips, training materials, Tech Files […]

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5 Easy Ways To Build Customer Loyalty

Posted on 08/28/12 by PSOC support No Comments

Building emotionally satisfied and loyal customers is the holy grail of any small-business owner. But as businesses grow and diversify their offerings, it’s easy for a brand to lose sight of what it originally promised to customers. Replacements, Ltd., a Greensboro, N.C.–based supplier of old and new dinnerware that grew out of founder and CEO […]

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Presidents Membership Letter

Posted on 12/02/11 by Eloy No Comments

Greetings, We are less than one month away from closing another tough year in business. PSOC is an organization with members consisting of repair professionals from the appliance and electronic industry.  Our members come from manufacturing, contract companies, administrators, parts distributors, vocational schools and repair professionals. I know most of us have been busy and […]

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PSOC Gets A New Look!

Posted on 10/05/11 by PSOC support No Comments

Apart from the new colors and the new layout, the PSOC website contains other changes.  Have you ever attended a PSOC event?  Do you wonder what goes on at our events?  Are you aware of changing industry situations that affect your business?  Do you have opinions that you believe are relevant to yours or other […]

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