Code of Standards

In accordance with the PSOC Code of Standards, I agree that I will:

Operate my business under required Licenses in an area zoned for business.

Maintain records of service performed, materials used, and charges made for each customer. Each customer is to be given an itemized copy of the Invoice with Warranty clearly stated thereon, such records to be kept in legal accordance.

Provide and fully honor a clearly stated Warranty or Guarantee on each Sale or Repair Invoice.

Reduce all Service Contract or Warranties to writing explicitly stating what is covered and what exclusions there may be, including duration dates.

Maintain adequate test equipment in keeping with Professional Servicing Standards.

Perform repairs in the shop or home in accordance with Professional Servicing Standards, including preventive maintenance and Factory Authorized Modifications, limiting parts replacement to those parts required to return equipment to normal operation equal to the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s specifications.

Use only parts and material of equal or superior quality to O.E.M. specifications.

Use diligent care in the customer’s home and fully protect his/her property while it is in our possession with adequate insurance or other provisions to compensate for its loss or damage occasioned by fire, theft, or vandalism.

Base my Service Call prices on the following conditions:

A Service Call is defined as a call to the home upon a customer’s request. A properly equipped and fully trained Technician will be sent for the purpose of repairing electronic equipment.

Service Call prices will be based on a maximum half hour time in the home, including travel time, if within our normal service area.

Time in excess of basic Service Call may be charged for at the shop’s prevailing rates, and Services Calls made outside our normal area may be charged mileage.

10. Abide by the PROS Advertising Code as follows:

Promote PROS in my advertising using the registered Trademark, Decals, and other materials available from the State Office.

Not initiate any form of false or misleading advertising, realizing that such activity is detrimental to the Service Industry.

To conform with the Ethical and Professional Standards of Advertising as set forth in Chapter 27, section 2700 series of the business and professions code of the State of California.

Not initiate political advertising of any type using the PROS Registered Trademark unless submitted to and approved by the State Board of Directors.

11. Take price in my chosen profession and my position in it. I will remember that, in building my business it is not necessary to tear down another’s’, but will respect my competitor’s position and endeavor to earn his respect.

12. Comply with the California B.E.A.R. Laws and Regulations emanating therefrom, and further comply with all National, State, and Local Laws, Rules, and Regulations pertaining to my category of electronic business.

13. Comply with the PROS Charter, By-Laws, and Code of Ethics governing regulations with my customers and my fellow PROS members.

14. I understand that violation of this Code of Standards will be cause of revocation of my membership and the loss of all privileges accorded by such membership, subject to provisions within the By-Laws of the Professional Servicers Organization of California.