2014 Convention and Photos

 PSOC 2014 a very successful and informative convention!

Professional Servicers of California Organization (PSOC) created in 1955 for the purpose of assisting Appliance & Electronics Service Professionals with valuable information by giving them tools in the form of knowledge and professional relations in order to equip them to be the best Servicers in their Industry. For this reason PSOC hosts an annual Convention.

This carefully planned event had a lineup of fantastic choices of seminars and training sessions which went from morning till evening, every day for the duration of the event. Each class or training session is intended to help improve the quality of Service, help us provide excellent Customer Service while running a well performing Service Operation.

This year’s 59th Annual Convention was held in Buena Park’s Knott Berry Farm Hotel May 15-18, 2014. Even though a California Organization, Members came from  Washington, Oregon, Nevada .Pennsylvania. Hawaii and Arizona.

PSOC partners; Manufacturers, Parts Distributors, Third Party Administrators (TPA’s), and other service industry related vendors such as Insurance, Software, Internet, and more were represented as well.

Our generous Sponsors: Coast Appliance Parts, Electrolux, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Reliable Parts, Rubin Insurance, Union Electronics. Whirlpool and WLMAY, provided the funds for some great food served during the event. Their Leadership honored us by coming to the event and making themselves available to the Members. New Servicers unfamiliar with our Sponsors took the opportunity to Network, and forge new Business relationships which is sure to benefit both. Door prizes were provided by Bosch, Coast Appliance Parts, Dacor, Electrolux, Los Medanos College, Purcell Murray, Reliable Parts, WLMAY and Whirlpool.

Manufacturers came introducing new products, bringing with them valuable information intended to prepare Technicians for future service events.  With technology moving quickly, and new features being introduced regularly these truly first class, hands on classes, along with valuable information provided in the form of schematics and Q&A session have become a MUST DO for every Servicer wanting to stay up-to-date.

Ross Mobley from Electrolux did a great presentation (as usual) on their high efficiency top load washer. Juan Rodriquez  from Purcell Murray did an excellent job making the Bartazzoni stove repair simple to understand. He also provided excellent training on U-line refrigerators as well as provided service tools and training manuals on a flash drive.  Whirlpools John Ybara provided two seminars on the top and front load washer and refrigerator. John Stanton from LG provided two  seminars on LCD TV and dishwasher and front load washer. Lee Kelly from Dacor provided  a seminar on their DR30 range. Bart Stock from BOSCH provided an excellent hands on dishwasher seminar.

Steve Gelman from Sharp did an excellent job on both seminars in a cross training for both appliance and electronic servicers with their latest technology on Video White Boards, 70 and 80 inch LCDs and  their  microwave dual magnetron training ,  Eric Aaron from Mitsubishi introduced a new product line and trained on the printers. Peter Zellman from Sony provided an excellent class on networking and component level repair of power supply PCB’s for the last ten years. PSOC did not leave out the service company office administrators. They were treated to great classes covering a large number of important topics each just as important as the next.

Those that have been in Business for a while tend to think that they don’t need to be taught “numbers”.  The truth is that if we don’t know our Cost of doing Business we can’t make good decisions to positively affect our bottom line. In the class called “Service Management Guidelines” presented by Craig Parks from Whirlpool it was clearly demonstrated how even the slightest change in the numbers on our P&L Statement can dramatically change our bottom line. Craig also provided a first time customer relations seminar that was well received by all, Eloy Fierro from PSOC  rounded of the convention with as usual his well-presented seminar on selling contract.

The convention ended with a well  attended  Casino Night where everyone had an opportunity to win tickets for the final drawing based on the money they won throughout the night.  The best part of the convention was PSOC attracted had so many young servicers hungry for information and so involved.

PSOC will continue to partner with the Industry in the pursuit of providing the service providers all the necessary tools in order for them to provide their customers when needed the best service experience possible. Look for information on our on going training and our 60th Annual convention in 2015.


2014 Convention Photos